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Choosing the Airline Credit Card that is Right for You

If you are interested in getting an airline credit card, you will need to decide which type is best for you. In general, you have two types of airline credit card to choose from. One type is associated with a specific airline while the other is not. Each has its own sets of pros and cons.

If you choose to apply for a credit card that is associated with a specific airline, you will only receive your free or discounted travel through that particular airline. If you are loyal to just one airline, this will not be a problem. If you are someone who is willing to fly on a variety of airlines, on the other hand, you might not appreciate being tied down to just one airline. In general, these cards allow you to earn free or reduced air travel faster than a general airline credit card.

If you choose to apply for an airline credit card that is issued directly from the bank and is not associated with a specific airline, you will have far more flexibility in regard to the airline you travel with. As a result, you will have more options when it comes to flight times and destinations. On the other hand, it generally takes longer to earn free or discounted travel with these cards.

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