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Celtic Football Club Credit Card


•Balance Transfers 0% for 12 months    •Purchases 0% for 3 months    •Typical Rate 15.9%



The Celtic Football Club was founded in 1888 in Scotland. Based in the city of Glasgow, it’s one of the proud members of the Scottish Premier League. Officially nicknamed the Bhoys and unofficially, the Hoops, this club is the passion of thousands of fans around the country.

For these reasons, the club decided to create a credit card that could benefit both the club and the fans. For example, every time a cardholder makes a payment with his Celtic MasterCard, he earns Celtic Reward points. At this point, the card may not seem very different from other cards currently available on the market. But, the Celtic MasterCard has a surprise. That is because, with the reward points, the cardholder can discover an experience that money can’t buy. For example, he can exchange the points to have a free lunch with the manager of the team or to eat at the Champions Lounge.

But, the benefits of the card do not stop there. Following the trend of other cards, you will not have to pay an annual fee for owning the Celtic MasterCard. Plus, you will be able to manage your accounts through the MBNA Europe website. Known as one of the biggest banks in the UK, this financial entity can offer you the security and comfort that every credit card owner looks for.

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