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The Capital One Group is one of the top ten credit card issuers in the UK as well as the United States today. They have a worldwide customer base of 50 million who are being serviced by strong team of 32,000 employees. Capital One imbibes a work culture that encourages innovation and initiates entrepreneurialism. The introduction of the balance transfer concept in 1992 to allow credit card holders to move their balance to Capital One at better interest rates is an evidence of their vision. This strategy completely revolutionized the U.S. credit card market and offered lower interest rates to millions of customers.

Capital One launched their first overseas operation in 1996 in the UK. Capital One strengthened its commitment to the UK and European markets in December 1997 through the establishment of a £30m Operations Centre in Nottingham, East Midlands. This created 1200 jobs of people. The UK operation center of Capital One performs various business functions like customer service, application processing, product design & marketing, credit card issue & collection, database management and business development.

Capital One announced the introduction of another facility in June 2000. This facility offered an additional 1,000 jobs and works in-sync with its Nottingham Operation center. Capital One also has numerous industry awards to its name for offering excellent products and services.

Capital One is laid on the five fundamentals of their people, their culture, their customers, their communities and their values. It started out in 1995 and has risen rapidly to being one of the top ten in the credit card industry. They have attributed their success to the progressive efforts in customer acquisition & retention, and information technology. They have their own system called the Information-Based Strategy (IBS), using which they are able to tailor their products to the right target audience or customers. The IBS takes care of the fact that each individual customer need is serviced efficiently and helps to capitalize on virgin markets.

The Fundamentals


Capital One is proud of their workforce, and is committed to bringing some of the brightest and talented people on board. In return the people working at Capital One get one of the most comfortable work environment coupled with staggering growth opportunities.

According to Financial times, Capital One is the 23rd Best UK Workplace.


At the heart of the workforce is Capital One's culture. They provide a dynamic environment where people are encouraged to think independently and present innovative ideas to the management.


When a company has happy and satisfied workforce coupled with an all round positive work environment, then it is bound to reflect in customer service. Hence Capital Once is able to offer all its customers exceptional service and a rewarding experience.

Our Communities

Capital One has been sharing its success with the communities they operate in. They have devised many strategic community relations program through collaborative alliances and offers leadership grants to non-profit organizations to help underprivileged children.

Our Values

At the deepest core of Capital One are their values, which can be summed up as Excellence and Do the Right Thing.


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