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The British Heart Foundation Credit Card

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is a charity organization that sponsors the research of heart diseases. Today, heart problems are the number one cause of death in the United Kingdom. Hence, it makes sense that there should be an organization dedicated eradicating it – and you can help!

For starters, for each new card member, the BHF receives a royalty fee from the MBNA Europe Bank. And, every time you spend ₤100 with your new card, 35p are rerouted to the BHF. That way, the contributions help the foundation in their quest against heart diseases.

And, since the card has the MasterCard logo, it can be used at more than 20 million establishment and 630,000 automatic teller machines (ATM’s) throughout the world. Additionally, if you need to make any payments or transfer money from one account to the other, you can make use of the MBNA Europe Bank website. Through this online portal you can access your account and make endless operations – all courtesy of the Internet.

But, what if you have a question or have a doubt and you are at the other side of the world on a vacation or business trip? Simple, just call the Customer Satisfaction Helpline, which is available the 24 hours of the day, the 365 days of the year and you will have your questions answered by a friendly representative.

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