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BMI Classic Credit Card

Bmi is the second largest airline in the United Kingdom. No wonder, then, that they decided to create a credit card specifically for their customers. The bmi classic MasterCard is ideal for the frequent flyer that wishes to obtain a bit more for maintaining loyalty to the company.

The main benefit of the bmi card is that you can exchange 1.5 destination miles for every ₤1 that he spends with his card. And, if you buy your ticket with your bmi MasterCard through bmi’s site,, you will receive the double. That comes to 3 destination miles per spend ₤1.

Another advantage of using your bmi MasterCard when buying your tickets is that you will not have to pay any kind of booking fee. It doesn’t matter if you buy the ticket through or via the bmi call center, you will still not pay it.

But, benefits do not stop there. For the first 56 days, you will not have to pay interest rates on the purchases that you make with the credit card. And, in case you suffer from any kind of lose or theft, you will not be held responsible or liable for the purchases that other people may make with your card.

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