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Best Way to Submit Credit Card Applications

Keeping all personal details safe when submitting credit card applications is of the utmost possible to prevent your identity being stolen as numerous recent news reports have depicted.

Many people will argue which is the best and most importantly safest way to transmit your information for consideration for a credit card whether it is via the internet or by completing an application in person.

Such a decision will of course vary from person to person with choices comprising of standard paper based applications or “cutting out the middle man” and submitting all information direct only. There are many benefits as there are cons with both options and it is perhaps more a case of trial and error and which you would feel most comfortable with when submitting a credit card application.

Paper Based Applications:


  1. All details are being completed “in branch” and with all workers adhering to the Data Protection Act, it is illegal for any information to be passed on (other than for its purpose)
  2. By completing the application in branch, you can be certain it has been received and processed accordingly.


  1. Submitting a credit card application via this method can take substantially longer than using an online system because the application first needs to be completed and then passed to the bank / lender for acceptance

Internet Based Applications:


1)      Using online systems to submit a credit card application is extremely easy and fast. Once all of the information has been completed and submitted, an immediate decision is usually received as the systems are commonly instantaneous

2)      Companies with internet based facilities for submitting credit card applications spend millions every year to ensure that any information inputted by a customer will not be seen by other internet users.


1)      If you don’t have an active internet connection at home then it would be unwise to use an internet café as this could prove to be very unsafe and your personal details could be discovered.

2)      With computer based systems, there could be glitches with the user network and may mean that you are unable to submit your application for a few days. Such issues are rare but any delays could result in you needing to submit a paper based application or going elsewhere.

Overall, not everyone is going to be 100% happy with either of the above methods but time and waiting are two of the most important factors which can help you decide which one to use when submitting a credit card application.

Ask yourself these few simple questions which will help you decide:

  • Do I have time to visit companies and complete application forms?
  • Do I require an instant decision?
  • Do I have an active internet connection?
  • Is the safety of my personal details paramount to me?

By answering the above questions honestly, it will give you the better of the two methods of submitting a credit card application based on your answers.

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