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All About The Barclaycards On Offer

Barclaycard was launched in the UK in 1966 with a little over one million cardholders. Today forty years later, they are one of the leading credit card companies in Europe with an excess of 11 million cardholders in UK and another 5 million worldwide. In the last forty years, Barclaycard has grown by leaps and bounds to increase it presence in Europe as well as the global market.

Barclaycard is owned by the Barclays Group with its headquarters in the UK. After their launch in 1966, they went on to introduce the first all purpose credit card in Europe. Today Barclaycard has a user base with one in every five people in the UK. They were a brand to reckon with when they launched in 1966 and today also they are UK’s most recognized brand. Barclaycard has 9.8 million retail customers.

Barclaycard has always believed in expansion and exploring virgin markets and are rapidly expanding their global cards and lending business internationally. They have issued 6.4million cards outside the UK and have operations in more than fifty countries over four continents.

If you own a Barclaycard then you will be able to use it to purchase goods and services in over 24 million outlets in more than 200 countries across the world. You can also use it to withdraw cash from over 600,000 cash machines (ATM) and banks worldwide.

Today Barclaycard is recognized as an entity that is more than just a credit card company. Barclaycard has come of age and become a multi-brand personal lending business with offerings that vary from credit cards to secured loans and from marine finance to point-of-sale finance for customers in the UK and across the world.

Barclaycard has an impressive portfolio that consists of the following cards:

  • Barclaycard Platinum
  • Barclaycard Classic
  • Barclaycard Gold
  • Barclaycard MasterCard
  • Premiership Barclaycard
  • Student Barclaycard
  • Government Procurement Card (Visa)
  • Barclaycard Business Charge and Credit card
  • Barclaycard Business Corporate card
  • Barclaycard Business Purchasing card

Apart from Barclaycard UK and Barclaycard International, they also have a Barclaycard Business UK operation center that handles Merchant Acquiring, Partnership Issuing and Corporate Issuing. The Barclaycard Business was earlier known as the Barclaycard Merchant Services (BMS). Barclaycard enjoys 38% of the UK Acquisition Business. They also offer various channels to make it easier and comfortable for their customers like internet payments (ePDQ) and small merchant bank-owned terminals (PDQ Terminals).

Barclaycard in 2002 took over the UK wing of Providian National Bank, which is an American Company. The Providian former operation center in Crawley, West Sussex has now been integrated with the Barclaycard group and mainly caters to the lower end of the credit card market.

Barclay Community

The Barclaycard Community programs have been devised to help mostly single parents. One of their programs is called Horizons through which single parents can be helped to make the transition out of debts. The program is supported by four partners, which are One Parent Families, Citizens Advice, Parentline Plus and Family Welfare Association.

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