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The Barclay Business card has been specially made for the business market. Since the issuers of the card know that business needs can be different due to the size of its operations, Barclay decided to launch three type of cards. Each one tailored to a specific sector.

The first of these credit cards was made for small businesses, and it has a top limit of 5 issued cards. In these cases, the cards are usually used by the owner or the managers of the company. That way, an organization can adequately control the cash flow of its expenses. And save money through the use of electronic mediums instead of the old company checks.

The second type of card offered is designed for mid-sized companies, where a group of users within the organization needs to use the card for company expenses. You may assign the sizes of the credit lines and even create separate summaries. That way, each area can manage their own budget.

Finally, there is the card tailored for large organizations, where more than 10 people need to have a credit card. As in the case of medium businesses, the monthly summaries can be separated by area and the credit line can be adjusted to the needs of each user. It must be added that, within this type of card, there are three different variations; each one can be used for different needs like procurement, expenses or travel.

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