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Apply Credit Card: Should I or Shouldn’t I? 

I will be honest in saying that if you are asking whether or not you should apply credit card then this may be a sign that you are either not ready for the responsibility or perhaps not confident in your own ability to kerb spending. Perhaps it is a bit of both.

Before submitting an application to apply credit card, you need to be 100% certain that you understand all the terms and conditions being laid out but most importantly that you can keep up all the monthly repayments.

If you are not certain as to whether or not you want to apply credit card then I would strongly urge to hold on submitting any application until you feel completely happy to hold that piece of “plastic” whilst being fully responsible at the same time.

It is important to remember that the slightest slip up when apply credit card could lead to misfortune and a lifetime of having to make constant repayments which may be unaffordable due to constant spending.

Of course, making the minimum repayment each month is completely viable but is it affordable? It may initially free up some of your income but just imagine the interest charges building up on the outstanding balance over time; it can lead to many thousands of pounds being owed in interest alone.

It is said that when younger people especially apply credit card, his / her spending habits come from their parents. This is very bad news because as children are often taught to follow by example, if their parents got into debt as a result of apply credit card then this may be considered a typical circumstance of growing up.

Do I want to apply credit card?

This decision will be completely at your discretion and as a fully grown adult; you will be able to make these decisions for yourself. If you don’t feel 100% happy when apply credit card then I would steer clear for the mean time.

Always follow your gut feeling because if you don’t feel completely comfortable then you are not ready for what can be a large responsibility. Never let anyone persuade you into apply credit card because this could lead to further problems arising and debt being the most urgent and likely of outcomes.

A common problem is that of friends / family recommending they apply credit card and this is where the debt problem is often born. There is no problem listening to his / her recommendations but you don’t have to listen to them if you are not happy being a credit card holder.

The lack of experience is usually the key when it comes to apply credit card and would avoid it until money problems either aren’t an issue or you have more of an understanding of how to handle such matters and what could be at stake if you don’t. The risks are often very high so remember these before taking any steps; it could be a tricky path if you get it wrong.


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