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Applying for a Credit Card Online: The Benefits

It doesn’t matter if you apply for a credit card online or directly in a local bank/building society, a potential customer is privy to the same rights and privileges such as excellent rates, rewards and perhaps even cash back.

In some cases, if you decide to submit a credit card application online then you may be presented with an outstanding APR rate or a little bonus for being a “cyber” customer.

Why is this?

A customer will find that with more and more lenders, they take the impact on the environment very seriously and by applying for a credit card online, in their eyes you are doing your part by saving paper and some companies will reward their customers for this.

Banks such as HSBCC do if a customer signs up for online statements rather than paper based statements sent in the mail.

What benefits could I expect?

You may find with most companies that most of the benefits by taking on their credit cards are the same (unless you have a poor credit rating) and this can make comparing deals difficult. The rate of APR is most important and once you have found a comfortable rate then look at the underlying benefits which could help sway your final decision.

  • Interest free period. Is there one? With the initial stages the majority of lenders will offer new customers an interest free period which technically means that if you repay what you owe by a certain timeframe then no interest will be charged. This will vary greatly but on average it is approximately 59 days before interest is included in the debt
  • Cashback. You may have seen advertisements stating that they offer “cashback” on all of your purchases but how does this work?

Example: If you apply for a Morgan Stanley Platinum card then any spending up to £2000 (this offer is valid until 1 st June 2007( will be rewarded with a 3% cashback rate which after 1 st June will drop to 0.5%

This is just a few of the “extras” which may be included if you choose to apply for a credit card online and whilst this will vary; it gives you an idea of the offers available and special deals by searching online. To compare such deals as listed click here

It needn’t seem like a major task trying to weigh up the benefits and once you have found an APR rate that suits your wallet then any other extras included are little treats which may end up benefiting you in the long term but don’t base your final decision purely on what is on offer in terms of the small extras.

This could end up leading to the wrong decision being made and subsequently end up paying more just to have those little extras which overall may not lead to much and just leaves you with a bad debt.

The priority is the APR rate, everything else is secondary in comparison to this.

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