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Issued by the MBNA Europe Bank Limited (once the Maryland Bank National Association, which is now owned by the Bank of America), the America Online (AOL) MasterCard was made for those clients who are looking for discounts in their Internet subscription and other related services. Considering that AOL is one of the world’s leading Internet service providers, it’s quite an advantage to be able to get reduced prices when purchasing from their line of products.

Besides these savings benefits, the future owner of the AOL MasterCard receives 2700 bonus points once his first purchase is completed. These points accumulate with points obtained at other purchases and can be used for acquiring more AOL services. And, if the cardholder pays his AOL subscription with his AOL credit card, he receives double reward points.

But those aren’t the only advantages of the AOL credit card. It also comes with an interest free period of 56 days since the day the account was opened and a 0% fee on balance transfers on the first nine months. Add to it low interest rates and the fact that you won’t have to pay annual fees for having the card, and you have a very attractive card for Internet users.

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