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American Express Gold Charge Card

American Express doesn’t need any special introduction. Due to the excellent marketing campaign that the founders started more than 100 years ago, AMEX has become known for standing for quality service and prompt delivery. That’s why their credit cards have attained a certain status that neither VISA or MasterCard have achieved.

From the many cards they offer to the market, the American Express Business Gold Charge Card is an excellent option for the small, medium, and large company. One of the most interesting benefits of this card is its no pre-set spending limit. That means that if you use the card for all of your purchases without fear of going over your limit and you won’t have to pay interests for 39 days after making the transaction.

Another interesting characteristic of this card is the ability to issue free supplementary cards. That way, employees that need spending freedom can use the extra cards to charge the expenses of the company. At the same time, you do not need to worry about unauthorized shopping sprees. The credit line of each credit card can be adjusted to the necessities of each employee.

Finally, the cardholder can make use of special discounts, obtaining up to 30% off the retail price from certain merchants. Some of the associated partners are Dell Computers, Hertz Rent-A-Car, FedEx, Regus offices, and British Car Parks. Definitely, an excellent option for any organization looking for a card.

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