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Four Sri Lankan's Arrested In ATM Crime - 11/12/2006

Where is your credit card on its holiday? A gang of four Sri Lankans were arrested in Thailand recently by the local police force; a patrol car was driving by an ATM when they saw two men acting suspiciously. They were actually standing in full view of all around
using magnetic strip cards chosen from a bag of over two hundred cards to withdraw cash.
The police believe they are a small part of an international gang of credit-card thieves.

A further two men were arrested at a hotel where a laptop computer, three hard drives containing financial details and six mobile 'phones were confiscated. On top of that over 650k in Baht plus a large sum in dollars was also recovered. The four men admitted that they had bought the cards and data from a syndicate in the UK and had been working their way around the towns withdrawing money. One of them said that it was worth the expense as the transactions took so long to be noticed by UK banks and credit card holders.

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