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Welcome to the UK Financial Options website. This website will be your one stop shopping site for all things financial, such as credit cards, savings accounts, current accounts, business finance solutions, insurance and loans. We offer information in comparison table format to make it easier to find what you need.

We have designed our comparison tables and redesigned our comparison tables over the years in line with market research and feedback from our visitors. We have also extended the areas of financial services we compare and provide information on to include not only main stream product and services, but to also include more niche services. Some of these include business finance and insurance services.

If ever have any suggestions of additional areas you think we should be covering then do not hesitate to get in touch with us at We are always keen to hear about additional ideas and feedback.

UK Financial Options has earned its sterling reputation through years of cultivating consumer confidence and a loyal following. Its credit card comaprison are considered among the most highly trusted and impressively appointed options in the industry.

These options are not simply for people looking to crawl out from beneath debt, rather, we offer numerous chances to compare credit cards and find one that was specifically created with you in mind. Our exclusive offer of customized football credit cards gives each patron the golden opportunity to support your favourite team. Through our network of merchants and business providers, UK Financial Options now gives you the choice to support your team of choice each time you use your football credit card for one of 21 possible teams.

Furthmore the credit card comparison we are proud to provide our visitors is separated into a choice of several categories and these are business credit cards, airline credit cards, charity credit cards, reward credit cards and prepaid credit cards. We know how to provide value and selection while never sacrificing service and reliability.

Credit Cards:

To help you compare, choose and then apply for credit cards we ensure that all our data is updated for you. With a vast database of credit cards you can find any information you might need to help you select the card of your choice. We want to be continuous in our offerings of credit card information, which is why we check the latest news as well as other data you might need about the credit cards in the UK. We are an unbiased site offering this information to you.

From rewards, balance transfer introductions to football credit cards, there is every type of card you could want available through our site. In each section we have carefully looked at the differences and similarities of the cards to rank them, as well as list them alphabetically. Our comparison tables are easy to read and allow you to look over everything at a glance. If you need further information you only have to click on the “apply now button” to visit the merchants website. Here you can view the full detail of the card and the terms and conditions.

Not only do we allow you to apply for the card from this site, but we also offer information on the balance transfer and purchase introductory offers, the typical credit card rate, fees, and other features that could be of interest to you. We have also supplied all suggestions of information you will need to apply for the card, such as personal information and banking. There are mandatory credit checks in the UK that you should be aware of.

Loans, Current and Savings Accounts:

Financial needs are great especially when you want to find the best deal out there for you. We have information on whether a secured or unsecured loan may be right for you and why. We also work to provide the larger picture as well as a detailed one about the loans, current and savings account options you have. There is nothing better than finding the information you need in one place.

Insurance Solutions:

We now have a wealth of information on insurance products. We cover a wide range of insurance products including pet insurance, van insurance, boat insurance, business insurance, car insurance, caravan insurance, dental Insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, motorbike insurance, professional liability insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Travel Insurance. Here we explore the pros and cons of each of these types of insurance as well as tips on getting the best deals for each of these types of insurance.

Also we detail how to assess if you even need a particular type of insurance and the coverage you might require based on your circumstances.

The Goal:

All information regarding the financial products on this site will be current. Since the products change we do make sure to crawl through information for you and provide the results of our research. By selecting the “Hot Option” newsletter for a subscription or simply clicking on the “Hot Option” link you can keep up to date regarding all financial information as well.

Our goal at UK Financial Options is to offer you the resources you need to examine, compare, and then submit an application on any form of financial need.

Currently there is a deal with Egg credit cards offering a 12 month deal for 0 percent interest on transfers. You also obtain a 3 month 0 percent rate on all purchases with this deal. This is just one of the many deals you might want to compare the positive and negative aspects. Egg has been in business for more than five years, and began with Prudential. We do offer many Egg products online here, and their services can be managed online.

Credit Card Use:

We believe in offering information to help you gain the products you need in a financial realm. We also want you to understand the need to use credit cards responsibly. Any type of credit is subject to penalties when it is used incorrectly; however credit cards tend to charge more and be more detrimental to your lending abilities.

At UK Financial Options we like to make it clear that responsible use of credit cards is a must, therefore we have many articles on the downfalls you could find yourself in. These downfalls can be related to fraud, use, or just general lack of knowledge. Credit Card companies can make it difficult to understand their legalese and furthermore we tend to overlook some important aspects of the terms and conditions.

Through our articles you are able to learn about the terms and conditions, and what you might want to compare further. The tables are useful to you, but they are just scratching the surface. Please click on any of the links provided to ensure that you have the information and tips you need. All the pages have been constructed by financial experts to help you deal with credit card issues. Advice regarding the best credit cards or how to get the most out of your credit card offerings will be provided in the articles.

For other sources of great information you have Citizens Advice and Direct Gov Page On Debt are two other sites that can help solve issues regarding information or if you have problems with debt.

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